LTE5 ethernet connection

Setup ethernet PCIMCA card on Compaq LTE 5380. The card sould enable ethernet for the 90s notebook. Windows 98 may be necessary to install, in order to get the card working.


LTE 5380

by Compaq, 1997

Result: it works nicely, if I connect directly to the router. The PCIMCA card works. I can load/display websites. Even more so, if I use


  • [ ] connect to the LAN switch, so that the laptop does not need to be near the router
  • [ ] setup FTP, so that I can transfer/upload files to the web
  • [ ] find out how to reach local file storage on the NAS

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game night

Let's have a tournament on old and new machines. This is going to be the first time to do this. Games will be fast, competitive, easy to learn.

LTE 5380 hard drive exchange

The LTE 5380 shall have several swappable hard disk CF drives. At least two — one with DOS only for games like Syndicate, and one with Windows 98 and running e.g. Command & Conquer.

LTE 5380 significance explanation

Write down why the LTE 5380 has any significance in the history of information machines. Write the text using the machine itself.

Macintosh SE/30 ethernet connection

I'd love the SE/30 to be able to connect to my local network. For this, an Asanté appletalk-to-ethernet device is awaiting to be used.