tiny collection of information machines

Hey there. I'm interested in how information machines were used throughout the fourty years between 1980 and 2020. I passionately study how humans adopt when interacting with information machines, and how this relationship evolves over time. Welcome.


These are devices I currently use for my activities.

TRS-80 Model 100

by Tandy, 1983

PC 5140 Convertible

by IBM, 1986

Macintosh SE/30

by Apple, 1989

PS/2 L40SX

by IBM, 1991


by Siemens Nixdorf, 1995

iBook Clamshell

by Apple, 1999

PowerBook G4 Titanium

by Apple, 2001


by OLPC, 2007



by Commodore, 1982

Game Boy

by Nintendo, 1989

Amiga 600

by Commodore, 1992

LTE 5380

by Compaq, 1997

upcoming activity

XO-1 significance explanation

Write down why the XO-1 has any significance in the history of information machines. Write the text using the machine itself.