SE/30 hard drive exchange

The SE/30's hard drive runs so noisily that I expect it to break soon. Let's exchange it with BlueSCSI and install the OS.


Macintosh SE/30

by Apple, 1989

Letter from Jean-Michel, who soldered my BlueSCSI:

Let me know how it works out for you! It’s good to read that an SE/30 will once again come back to life. You may know this already but your BlueSCSI has a header to connect the LED indicating hard drive activity. Just connect the LED from your SE/30 to the header circled in red on the picture. Make sure the positive wire (red) is connected to the top pin. Now, every time there’s disk activity, your SE/30 will let you know :)

related activities


iBook Clamshell hard drive exchange

The hard drive of the iBook Clamshell broke. It needs a new one, and ideally a CF-based or an SSD.

LTE 5380 hard drive exchange

The LTE 5380 shall have several swappable hard disk CF drives. At least two — one with DOS only for games like Syndicate, and one with Windows 98 and running e.g. Command & Conquer.

Macintosh Plus hard drive setup

The amazing Floppy Emu shall function as the new hard drive in replacement to the old HD20, which is going to die at some point.

data connection

Setup the RC4500 wristwatch with the SE/30 in order to set the time "right".

Macintosh SE/30 cmos battery replacement

I need to replace the CMOS battery inside the SE/30, before it blows up and ruins the machine.

Macintosh SE/30 ethernet connection

I'd love the SE/30 to be able to connect to my local network. For this, an Asanté appletalk-to-ethernet device is awaiting to be used.

Macintosh SE/30 recapping

Old electronic devices with surface mount electrolytic capacitors are often affected by capacitor leakage. I need to replace those on the SE/30 before they leak.

Macintosh SE/30 significance explanation

Write down why the SE/30 has any significance in the history of information machines. Write the text using the machine itself.


Macintosh SE/30 cmos battery removal

Remove the CMOS battery now, before replacing the battery later.

Macintosh SE/30 data bridge

The Macintosh SE/30 needs a way to get new OS and software. For this purpose, install and setup a floppy drive emulation, connected via SCSI.

Macintosh SE/30 external FDD repair

An external Apple 800k floppy disk drive does not work. Find the problem and fix it.

Macintosh SE/30 hard drive backup

Before exchanging any hard drive, I need to backup what's on the original SCSI hard drive. There's a couple of old utilities that will be handy in future.

Macintosh SE/30 Hypercard setup

One of the main purposes of this machine is to serve for studying Hypercard. Hence, let's get it running on the new hard disk drive.