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C64 data bridge

Setup everything so that the SD2IEC works with the C64 and a modern machine for data transfer.

C64 significance explanation

Write down why the C64 has any significance in the history of information machines. If possible, write the text using the machine itself.

game night

Let's have a tournament on old and new machines. This is going to be the first time to do this. Games will be fast, competitive, easy to learn.

related writing

What is a home computer in 2019?

In the 80s, the term "home computer" has been given to machines like the Commodore 64. At that time, it was a device that you could plug into a TV, write simple programs in an awkward way, and could play video games with. It was a computer in the way that it had a processor, RAM, and was programmed, and it was "home" since it was of little business value and was bought primarily for living rooms and not for offices. read more →

The Apple II mimicking the typewriter

I just recently realized how different the Apple II was. I was aware of the technological achievements. But this time, it struck me that there has been no mental model of a PC before in almost any head of any person back then in 1977. And that meant, that no one knew how a PC was supposed to look like. read more →