The most Personal Computer

by Konstantin Weiss on October 18, 2018

When #apple announced the Personal Computer, they were thinking of a computational device that would serve one human, to augment and expand one’s capabilities to think. “A bicycle for the mind”, like Steve #jobs used to call it. And the original Macintosh was their expression of the idea.

Bill #gates saw in a #pc like the IBM PC Convertible the means to a different end. Through standardized #software, especially the combination of an #os and #applications on top, he revolutionized the handling of business processes in corporations and small businesses. He stripped the “P” out of the #pc. Business goals dictated those machines, and people had to follow like drones and surrender to the grey boxes of the #wintel empire.

#jobs brought the PC back. And I’m holding such a device in my hands, writing these lines.

In a sense, I’m late to the party. I’ve been using iPhones 5 and then 4 during the past year. These are great devices for calls and partially messages. But not much more anymore. The web is too slow, so are map apps, and a lot of apps don’t work anymore. This week, I switched to an iPhone X, and it’s a leap. It’s not a phone by any means anymore.

It’s weird to call it a #smartphone, since the phone functionality is long gone as the main focus, and “smart” is a rather blurry name for something with a chip in it. In fact, this device is made to delight people with most of what a computer is supposed to do. It’s the most #personal device that I have, carrying it with me almost all the time, storing most personal information on it, and #sharing it with the closest friends and family. And it’s fast, often faster than a #laptop, with vast computational capabilities.

Although I love my #ipad pro, and I use it for most tasks at work or at home, iPad-users are a minority, and even I don’t carry it around with me all the time.

Thus, even tough people call it a #smartphone, in fact this kind of device is the most Personal Computer there is to date.

PC 5140 Convertible

by IBM, 1986

Macintosh Plus

by Apple, 1986


by Siemens Nixdorf, 1995


by Apple, 2007

iPad Pro 3. Gen

by Apple, 2017

iPhone X

by Apple, 2017